The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

Book 1 review by Olliespotbookreview
warning: there are spoilers

I finally got around to reading the first book in Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series, and was heavily rewarded for doing so. Adventure, Magic, Humor, Twists, and excellent Worlbuilding. The perspectives are from multiple character’s as well, and It’s easy to see why there is so much love for this series that recently concluded.

From the perspective of Kip, the main character, its a story of losing everything hes known, from his friends and family, to his town. As his town is suddenly surrounded and destroyed, he alone walks away. With a last wish from his mother, and a gift of an unusual box with an even more unusual dagger, he has to make his way.

Not long after unexpectedly defending himself by using magic, he is saved by Gavin Guile, The Prism. The one and only man who can use magic from an almost limitless reservoir. The man the people are led by, charismatic, independent, very conflicted and on a mission to accomplish a series of tasks before his magic runs out.

Additional character’s are introduced, but the story is founded on the relationship between Kip, and The Prism. The twists are there, the wars, with enemies who use magic without the standard constraints, make for exciting and imaginative reading.

The building of momentum is extremely well paced and by the end, it’s hard to not immediately go out and start yelling out my front door that “This book was Awesome and you all need to read it”. I did restrain myself though and instead, figured I’d write a review.

If I gave stars, it would get ’em all. 5 of 5, 10 of 10…etc. An exciting Epic fantasy that I’m loving and imagining where it goes from here.

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