Recent Physical ARCs..Woo Hoo

I just wanted to say thank you to justine Bergman at Whispers & Wonders for some fun book mail. I received a hot off the press copy of Jesse Tellers The Onslaught of Madness as well as Goodreads for the copy of The Silvered Serpents from Roshani Chokshi, book 2 of the Gilded Wolves series.

I’m really excited to get into Onslaught of Madness as its heavily dark fantasy driven ut seems. The authors website gives a good description of where the story fits in the timeline of the the world created, and which is incredibly detailed and well thought out. Check this image out from his website (

As a fantasy fan, just seeing this makes me drool. The cover art is beautifully done, always a good sign with science fiction and fantasy books. I’ll be starting it soon, and hope to post a review soon after.

The other book I’ve been sent was The Silvered Serpent by Roshani Chokshi and recieved it as s prize from Goodreads Giveaways. I’ve won a few kindle books as well that I will discuss at a later date, anyways, I’ll have to read the first one of course, as it’s the 2nd in a series. The reviews are fantastic though and will include links below to the authors website for more info.

The incredible hot chocolate is courtesy of my wife, not sent by previously mentioned organization’s or authors.

Thanks again to you, who has a lot going on and took time to read my ramblings!



Jesse Teller