Writing reviews on amazon.

I recently posted a short review on amazon for “The Bone Ships” by RJ Barker, and thought it had a pretty catchy line in it. So I decided to make sure it went in my blog. Here it is:

I really loved this book, and was absorbed in the world the author creates. Sailing on a Boneship with Shipwife guiding the crew…I felt like I was on the deck at times..
It is sure to be an adventure, especially when an ancient creature is said to be back, and the race is on…
I dont want to give away anymore, but “There is grit in them seas, and the tide is strong.”

I can’t wait to be swept away into book 2.
Great for any fan of any kind of fantasy.

I also highly recommend the audiobook version as well. The narrator Jude Owusu brings it to life.


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